Hello! ESN Pisa is the local section of the Erasmus Student Network, a Europe-wide students' association whose aim is to develop students exchange on a local, national and international level. The networks is now composed of over 13.500 members in over 500 local sections in 39 countries, offering service to 160.000 international students.

Our association's main goal is to help all those students who are part of an Exchange in Pisa, a very nice and old town located in the very heart of Tuscany, with a well-connected airport and a well-served Central Station. We have an office (Via Curtatone e Montanara) downtown where we receive the Erasmus students in need, finding them an accommodation through our database and helping them with all the bureaucracy matters they have to face once arrived in Italy. The office opens twice day, with several kind and willing volunteers ready to meet the students.

Besides, we organize many trips during the semester: Rome, Bologna, Firenze, Lucca... with us they have to opportunity to discover the main attractions in Italy, and to meet the International students currently living in other cities thanks to the ESN Italy events, such as the National Event in late May and the ICE event in November. Furthermore, every week our partners host the Thursday party in a club and the International party on Wednesday: fun is guaranteed with us!

The activities we carry on during the academic years are many and interesting: moreover, most of them are addressed not only to the Erasmus students, but also to the whole population in Pisa! In fact, we also care about the issues of the society we live in. Last year we set up an amazing "Blind Dinner": as the name suggests, it was a special occasion on which all the diners enjoyed a special meal with all the lights turned off, in order to sensitize the people about blindness. Later on, with the help of other local associations, we let the Erasmus meet young disabled to spend a joyful day together on the beach.

If you are a sportive person, well, there's a place for you too! We coordinate many sport events during the year (the Erasmus Olympic Games, for example) with the help of our Sport Committee.

If you want to become an ESN volunteer or you are going to be an exchange student in Pisa don't hesitate to contact us: pisa@esn.it!

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