La tua Esperienza con ESN-Pisa: Ines Bento

My Erasmus year in Pisa was by far the best one of my life.

There are thousands of experiences that I could write down, but I feel that would turn into a book. What I want to be immortalized and remembered is that all of that could not have happened without ESN Pisa.

As soon as you get into their office everything changes, they make you feel first safe, because they show you where you have to go, they help you find a house for you to live and they have countless events planned where you have the opportunity to meet the rest of the foreign students. When you go to these events, you do not only meet Erasmus folks, you meet them, and they make an effort to meet everybody, to make every single person feel comfortable and happy. This is just the beginning.

By the end of the year with the ESN staff and other Erasmus students you will have done countless trips around Italy, you will know Pisa like the palm of your hand and you will have done amazing volunteer work. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you will have built a family formed by people from all over the world and yes, a part of that family will be the ESN Pisa staff. I now look back and I realise that I have not lived an experience with them; I have created one of the most long lasting relationships in my life.

Thank you so much ESN Pisa!

Ines Bento