The campaign to raise funding as charity for Benevento:

The students whom took part of the Erasmus programme do know: between us grows a great bond of community, as much as to share the values that are the base for friendships, collaborations and initiatives.

Among them, the solidarity covers an important role and inspires many activities involving the volunteers of all the Italian ESN sections.

Benevento recently has been victim of a terrible flood that brought the population on its knees. The population with the help of the Croce Rossa have found the energy to react to the numerous damages cause by the flooding and landslides.

The Erasmus and local students rolled up their sleeves and had a determining role in the operations, even though that day was supposed to be a day celebrating them: The Welcome Day, the event that every year has the important goal to give the welcome to the students coming from abroad just arrived. They cleaned the streets, removed the mud, always with a smile on their face and giving not only a material support but also moral to the Sannio’s families.

ESN Italy decided to start a national campaign of fundraising to donate as charity to the Benevento’s section, in order to buy home appliances and other goods that Croce Rossa believed were necessary to make available for the “beneventini”.

Pisa gave its contribution organizing a Social event in the heart of the city, the bar Casino dei Nobili, donating the proceeds to Benevento. Each chupito had a +1€ on the price to donate it for the cause.

The total income to donate was 200€, a good results of which ESN Pisa is proud. The event proceeded in the best of the way, thanks to the active participation of the members and the people who wanted to make a small but significant act of solidarity, in a typical Pisa’s Saturday.